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What is the first thing that comes not your mind when you think of addictions? Probably alcohol, drugs, smoking and gambling, right? We often forget that in the 21st century there are some modern day addictions which are actually way more common than the 3 I just mentioned. I know a quite a few exercise addicts, and even more avocado addicts…seriously! However, the most common one that we often forget is the addiction to our mobile phones, 2018’s most addictive drug. It’s something we may not even recognise as an addiction because we consider it a day to day necessity that we need to contact people, work from, help us get from a to b without getting lost, check the time, take photos etc…If you’re reading this and thinking “naaahh I use my phone a lot but it’s not addiction, I can go without it”, then have a read of these 10 signs and you may realise you have an addiction you didn’t even know about…


  1. Whilst out for lunch/dinner with other people you feel a sense of relief when other people check their phones so you can too.
  2.  In a situation that requires your attention i.e. in a meeting or having coffee with friends,  you have to put your phone away or turn the screen over so you don’t get distracted and look at it.
  3. You go into an absolute state of panic if you go out without your phone or can’t find it (I “loose” my phone all the time and freak out…until I find it under my bed.)
  4. When you’re unoccupied you’re not able to go 10 minutes (or less) without checking it.
  5. It’s the first thing you look at in the morning and last thing you look at at night
  6. You have regular dinner dates with your phone. In other words, you spend meal times scrolling through Instagram or responding to messages, instead of actually being present and enjoying your food.
  7. When  walking around you carry your phone in your hand at all times instead of putting it in your bag or pocket.
  8. Watching your phone instead of watching TV; if you’ve sat down to watch something on TV you may find yourself on social media the whole time and have no idea what you actually just watched.
  9. If you’re in a different country or don’t have any data on your phone, the first thing you do as soon as you arrive anywhere is ask for the Wifi password. You know the addiction is especially real if you connect to the Wifi on a plane journey.
  10. You’re skilled in the art of typing messages whilst not looking at your keyboard (my grandparents think i’m some kind of superhuman when I do this!)


I’m certainly guilty of all of the 10 signs, and i’ve noticed a lot recently that phones are  something which stop us from being present, taking in all that is around us and cause a lot of stress and anxiety. I think it’s important that we all become more aware of this and take the time to alter our relationship with phones. I’m not saying throw the thing in the bin, because lets be honest no one is going to read this article and do that. BUT be mindful of it, from now on make an effort everyday to have some time off from your pocket sized boyfriend/girlfriend. I’ve got a bunch of ideas which will help you to do this (should you want to give it a crack), which i’ll share with you real soon! So for now, switch your brain on a little more and notice what your relationship with your phone is like, see if you can disconnect from the bugger and become more present…I promise it’s an activity that you will feel better for!