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Hello all my little colourful fairies, i’m Talina!

If you’ve been following me for a while then you should recognise me from various YGSF TV videos (I hope…), and if not then nice to “meet” you! The person you’ll know/come to know me as is one that likes to bound around in colourful clothing, wearing unicorn horns, eating watermelons, talking to myself and introducing you guys to various quirky individuals. However, I think it’s time I properly introduced myself and stepped out from behind my sparkly curtain. I am all of those things above, but there’s a lot more to me than that. For example, I bet you didn’t know that I’m an actress? I’ve been trying for quite some time, taking many courses, performing in plays, auditioning…auditioning…auditioning….auditioning….. and am FINALLY about to embark on some of my first major film work projects this year!! As I take on this new adventure, I’d like to open up more, and for you to get to know the Talina beyond the rainbows, glitter and non stop chatter.



At YGSF TV I’m much more interested in going deeper than fashion and focusing on how it is to be a 23 year old girl growing up in the world of fashion, entertainment and Instagram!

For me, this “confession” couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had a particularly tough 2 months, and have had to work hard to ensure I don’t spiral downward, and learn to manage my thoughts so that they don’t get out of control and make me unwell. Luckily, I’ve had an amazing support system of friends and family around me which I’m truly grateful for and will honestly try to never take for granted again!

Everyone always says Instagram isn’t real, and yes that’s true. It paints a picture of a perfect life, with no worries and no struggles. At times, it’s really not truthful…there’s too much Finsta (fake insta) and not enough Rinsta (real insta…duh!) However, I want to be completely honest and let you all know that although it may not be completely clear from my Insta feed and previous videos, I have an uncomfortable relationship with food, a touch of body dysmorphia, and have suffered with mild forms of depression. It’s an unhealthy cocktail which so many people suffer in silence. I’m a pretty open book, I don’t want to hide anything and so I think it’s about time I spoke out. I hope to show all of you beautiful individuals that even though it feels like you’re being consumed by your head at times, you’re not alone. And you can combat the demons!

Over the next few series of YGSF TV episodes I’m going to be telling you more about my story, and introducing you to other empowering people who all have some sort of experience with body confidence, but at the same time are actually SMASHING it at life!

I hope you enjoy hearing our stories and I hope they show you that you can feel great about yourself. I want you all to know that although it’s super tough, you don’t have to let your head rule you!!

Much sparkly rainbow love,

Talina xox