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I feel like most of the English speaking population at the very least are familiar with the ITV show, Love Island. Regardless of whether or not you’ve been in the UK this summer (I have not and still managed to watch the whole thing), or have access to a TV, I’m pretty sure you’ll have at least caught a glimpse of the reality TV series that (like it or not) is all anyone was bothered about for 2 months! It’s one of those things that although you know it’s bad for you, you can’t stop watching and if you did you’d be isolated from the rest of civilisation so really there would’ve been no point stopping in the first place. However, all addictions must come to an end at some point and I am here to help you move forward with your life and get over Love Island series 4 in the healthiest way possible!

Here’s how you do it…

  • Start doing a random activity that you’ve never done before which will take up so much of your attention that you wont think about your Love Island withdrawals. Some ideas include, setting up a Borrow My Doggy account and walking random peoples dogs, or going rock climbing etc…




  • Unfollow all the Love Island Instagram meme accounts that you have inevitably looked at every day for most of summer. Having them on your Insta feed is just a cold reminder of what once was…and nobody wants that kind of heartbreak!
  • Like anti-valentines day parties, throw an anti-Love Island party. It should consist of drinking some kind of gin spritz with all your buddies, making pinatas with all the islanders faces on (including Caroline Flack), and then bashing the sh•• out of them. Maybe a bit aggressive…but still a fun activity and good for getting out any pent up frustration?
  • How do you cure one addiction? Get a new one. But make it a healthy one, i’m not encouraging anyone to take up smoking or become a cereal tequila shotter! Chuck yourself into the gym (so that your body is ready for when you inevitably go on Love Island next year), read a good book (i’d suggest Never Greener by Ruth Jones- a great summer read.) 
  • Have more BBQ’s, a British summer BBQ done well takes a lot of organisation, thought and planning. If you do it enough it’ll keep you distracted for the rest of August! P.s. i’d recommend adding turkey sausages to your shopping list, they’re a necessity. 
  • Talking of food start focusing your attention on the next binge watchable reality TV show aka. The Great British Bake Off.



  • Watch anything with Danny Dyer in it i.e. Eastenders, or his new MTV show with Maya Jama, True Love or True Lies. This way your getting some kind of Love Island fix by default…maybe this is cheating, but you can’t be an angel all the time!
  • If you weren’t already (which you should be) become a YGSF super fan and avid watcher of YGSF TV episodes…you can get the latest one here!
  • Download a star sign app and check it daily for guidance on how to live your life (*checks Daily Horoscope app*.)
  • You can also use this whole addiction as a positive and take this time to go on a TV detox, enjoy being outdoors for the last month of summer before inevitably the weather becomes more British.
  • If you’re really struggling watch Australian Love Island, i’ve heard it’s pretty good.

I really do hope i’ve  placed you on the road to recovery and at least helped to cure your broken hearts?! Take my advice, take someones random dog on a walk…but for goodness sake do not go on Netflix and start watching Love Island series 1&2 again!

Have a sparkly Friday and the bestest weekend xoxo