Street Style

Sooooo sad but also sooo excited to show you lot the final episode of the YGSF TV X Darby and Taylor Ward 3 part series! In this ep we introduce to you our competition winner (for more info check episode 1Maria Mirabal, the Venezuelan beauty, fashion student and self-proclaimed “music geek.” The Ward sisters and I each put our styling hats/wigs on, and had our turn at taking Maria’s look in 3 different directions; pushing her out of her comfort zone, and showing that although the fashion world can be super pressurising and judgemental, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something a little different!

Have a look at the 3 different ways we styled Maria…




Look 1: Styled by Taylor (Jacket  – Boohoo, Top – Lipsy, Skirt – Pretty Little Thing.)




Look 2: Styled by Darby (full look, Pretty Little Thing.)




Look 3: Styled by Me (Coat – Zara, Shoes – Gucci.)

It was awesome for us to help Maria explore more options when it comes to stepping out of her wardrobe comfort zone. Playing it safe is not a rule I like to live by and it was super empowering to hear Darby & Taylor say the same. After a couple of years under the scrutiny of the public eye, the girls have learned how to embrace their quirks, be vulnerable and keep achieving!



You can catch the final ep above, I hope you guys enjoyed hanging with the girls and Maria as much as I did! I can’t wait to see what these three fabulous creatures get up to next, WATCH THIS SPACE…