If you’re visiting LA for the first time you kind of feel it’s obligatory to rent a bike, go cycling down Venice Beach and check out all the Hulk Hogans of this world pumping some iron at the outdoor gym (aka Muscle Beach). I admit we had fun doing it, but Venice Beach has become hugely touristy. What I would suggest doing is going for a little bike ride and ending up on Abbott Kinney. The LA hub of independent restaurants and cafes, as well as quirky lifestyle and fashion boutiques!



If you’re taking our advice (which you should because we’re always right) and visiting Abbott Kinney, then here’s a list of all the spots we’d recommend you try out…in the form of #hashtags:




As far as breakfasts go, they like to keep it simple on Abbott Kinney. Grabbing some eggs from the side of The Rooster van guarantees to make “breakfast dope again!”



According to most LA locals Gjelina is “the best” for lunch. I wasn’t so convinced when I saw that curtains covered the windows on a sunny day, making it look a little dreary. But once I stepped out into the courtyard, tried the aubergine burrata, truffle fries, and smoked salmon-cream cheese on rye (the obvious American stereotype), I was sold!

We at YGSF are fans of experimenting with unusual food combinations. Salt&Straw is the ice cream store fulfilling all weird food combo fantasies with strawberry and avocado sorbet, and goats cheese-black olive brittle ice cream. The latter is by far the BEST ice cream i’ve ever tasted (which is saying something considering that i’m an ice cream connoisseur). If you can’t take my word for it then the servers would be more than happy to let you taste every single flavour…even if you don’t end up buying anything.






Junk Food (yes I am aware we’ve moved on from food), is your go to store for everyday stuff. Band tees, fringed leather jackets, tye dye hoodies, that sort of thing. Everything you buy there is a staple piece which you will wear often. Also, if you’re a fan of clothes smothered in cartoon slogans then go there.




For vintage visit LF. They have a small collection of First of a Kind vintage clothing. First of a Kind specialise in cutting out random bits of old baseball t-shirts and checkered shirts, to create a really unique twist. I don’t mean cutting up clothes in a Regina George kind of way, I mean in a really cutting edge kind of way (pun intended).




This summer we had a love affair with kimonos, so you can imagine the knee trembling excitement I got when I found myself outside a shop titled, Open The Kimono. A store specialising in only handmade kimonos. The great thing about this place is that the studio is inside the shop so you can actually see all the fabrics and the kimonos being made!




Medicinal Marajuana is legal in the US, all you need is a doctors note (which you can get from the weed doctor on Venice Beach). So if you’re into that sort of thing (which we’re not), or just fancy checking out the impressive flower arrangements outside (which we did), then hit up Abbott Kinney’s very own Green House!

Anything goes on Abbott Kinney so be sure to wear your funkiest garmzz…but be aware of the fact that every shop assistant WILL try to be your bestie and WILL try and keep you hostage!