Hello Hello my little rainbows, unicorns and watermelons,

My name is Talina, i’m an actress, presenter, fashion influencer and lover of all things maximalist!

I want to welcome you to “Your Guide to Street Fashion” (YGSF!) Come get involved and follow my journey through the world of street fashion, film, art & culture. MEET up-and-coming creatives, and empowering influencers. BE inspired to think outside of the box and be brave in what you wear and everything you do. DISCOVER quirky designers, hotspots all over the world, and a LOT of vintage. Finally, FEEL good about yourself and become a part of something which will educate and inspire you in a really bonkers way!

As well as a bunch of articles and colourful photos, you’ll also find videos from the YGSF TV channel. There are a handful on the website but you can also visit the YGSF TV YouTube channel to get the full monty!

I hope you have fun spending time on my website, I hope you get to know me and can relate to what i’m about, and I hope that the YGSF world will make you feel empowered and encourage you to be even crazier than you already are!!

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