Imagine this: you’re getting ready for your Saturday night, which means getting groomed- a trip to the barbers and another to the nail parlour for you and your dog. In this process you’ll also probably need to eat something (avo and poached eggs), have a glass of Prosecco, and do a little retail therapy (because we’re into the Christmas month which means shopping is always acceptable.) When you’re pushed for time it would be reaallyyyy convenient if you could do all of this in one place that isn’t a super commercial department store. Alas there’s no doggie manicures, but that aside Barber & Parlour ticks all of the other boxes!





Positioned on Redchurch Street opposite Shoreditch’s BoxPark (and conveniently right next to my office), is Barber & Parlour. I popped in their recently when looking for somewhere other than my office desk to read Wonderland magazine and have breakfast for lunch. I went for the stereotypical option of poached eggs and avocado on sourdough, which I would recommend it you want a mouthgasm. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read my magazine because I was too busy watching people getting pampered…which feels pretty weird when you’re just sat having your lunch, but equally as inspiring for new haircuts and nail design ideas!





I loved the vibe in Barber & Parlour, it looked like a New York loft but had a quintessentially British feel. Neville Barber especially is somewhere British gents wouldn’t mind rocking up to in a suit! There’s also a Bang Bar at the Josh Wood salon upstairs…I want to go there just so I can say I got banged.




If you’re keen to stock your house up with random stuff that you don’t really need but looks really cool, then the open plan interiors shop downstairs is your go to. If you can, get an orange watering can.






Then there’s the hand art, henna tattoos and Cheeky nails…the christmas party starts on your hands right now!

Barber & Parlour has a really creative environment, which is great for when your brain feels dry out of ideas and needs a little quirkiness! This happens to me at least once a week, so getting my fix of New York Britishness is pretty good at getting me out of the rut!

P.s. there’s also an Electric cinema…which should sway you if you weren’t quite convinced.