Street Style

Last month I introduced you guys to Darby Ward in the first episode of the three part series i’m doing with Darby and her sister Taylor. Up next is pt.2 where we bring Taylor into the mix and hit up one of London’s most inspirational fashion festivals, Stylist Live. In this ep the girls and I chat about their time on the reality TV show, The Real Housewives of Cheshire, how this has impacted their style/confidence, as well as opening many more doors for them. In particular the girls go into Instagram and how it really isn’t as negative as everyone makes it out be!

As part of this special series the Ward sisters and I launched a competition for the chance for one of our viewers to win a personal styling session with us! The aim was to encourage you guys to think outside the box, feel confident in your clothes and not be afraid to make bold style choices from time to time. I’ll be introducing you guys to the competition winner in the final episode, where you’ll see all the behind the scenes footage from the styling session!



Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy a nice lil’ bit of Sunday watching!