Street Style

It was only a matter of time before I realised I had a series of very pink outfits that I had to share with you because they’re totally in your face, totally girly and are probably how most 8 year olds would want to dress! Sometimes its necessary to go all out, pack on the pink, the glam, the errryyythangg and become a Barbie! I find that Dubai is one of those places that just allows for this, so here’s part 2 of my Dubai street style series, The Barbie Diaries…

Unicorn Barbie






Skirt: Handmade

Unicorn Body: Topshop 

Sunglasses: Gucci (the trusted pair that never let me down)

Earrings: Market find

The Unicorn Barbie look is probably the most Talina of the Barbie series, for the obvious reason that i’m wearing two unicorns and surrounded by a hell of a lot of rainbow flowers…it’s my dream! The long flowing statement skirt creates a chic/elegant feel, and at the same time the outfit is still pretty quirky and out there because of the unicorns, whacky glasses and palm leaf prints on the skirt. The matching accessories also make the colours pop even more, and there’s nothing better than super colourful colours!

 The Pineapple Barbie 




Dress: Dolce&Gabbana 

Handbag: Chanel

Sunglasses: A market find…the sunglasses usually are

Shoes: Alexander McQueen

I’m a huge supporter of wearing fruits…if you can’t eat em’ wear em’! This is why it was completely necessary for me to wear this pineapple dress. It’s maximalist for sure, but also has that sassy señorita element with the ruffled material and off the shoulder structure. This kind of dress makes the biggest statement when you scrape your hair back and wear some standoutish earrings! The  Pineapple Barbie is another example of using accessories to enhance the colours of your outfit…it also helps when your environment also matches what you wearing. Aka…pink, pink and more pink!


Barbie in Alice in Wonderland 




















Dress: Dior 

Handbag: Chanel 

Trainers: Gucci 

This dress is so much fun to wear as it brings out my inner child! It’s like some kind of fairytale dream covered in butterflies, lace and flowers, reminding me of the sort of thing you’d see in a magical Alice in Wonderland movie. I particularly love the baby blues and baby pinks which give a softer more innocent feel, contrasting with the see through lace which is definitely more daring! I chose to wear trainers as the outfit is already very glam and dressy, and I always like to shake things up a bit, but equally you can glam it up even more with a matching pair of heels.

I’m not exactly much of a girly girl but sometimes it’s just necessary to go all out with the pink and embrace the Barbie inside of you! Even if you’re not a pink fan, cover yourself in it and I guarantee that it’ll put a smile on your face…even if it’s just for a little bit!