Street Style

“I got it from my mama”…sorry, but I HAD to!! Seriously though, a lot of my outfit inspiration comes from my mum- she’s always taught me how to mix high-end accessories with vintage pieces and one-offs from random markets around the world. Since moving to Dubai she’s amped it up a level and made some major steals, in turn i’ve stolen her steals! Whenever I go and visit, I pretty much never take any of my own clothes and always take the opportunity to hack into her wardrobe…luckily we’re the same size. It’s a great way of keeping my looks fresh (without having to buy anything new) and moving away from the familiarity of my wardrobe back in London. I find that Dubai style is a lot more glam, people get dressed up pretty much all the time, so I always try and embrace it whilst keeping my outfits me at the same time!

Here are some looks I put together when raiding my mums wardrobe the last few times i’ve been in Dubai…enjoy!


The Cat Lovers Dress






Looks can indeed be deceiving, I do not like cats…neither does my mother. However, I love how cooky this dress is and to be honest, really enjoy the fact that it makes me look like a crazy cat lady but also chic at the same time!

Shoes: Dior

Dress: Picked up from a market in Dubai

Bag: Chanel

Bracelet: Chanel

Hat: Another Dubai market steal

Sunglasses: Bought on a beach “somewhere”


Tokyo Barbie 




There’s something about this look which reminds me of the fashion in Tokyo, whacky, a bit punk and some psychedelic pink, of course! Tokyo is one of my favourite cities, so i’m always happy to bring a bit of that into my wardrobe choices. The t-shirt can be worn super chilled with a bikini or shorts, and jazzed up with chunky heels and leather trousers for an evening look. I chose to add some pink accessories to really make the colours of the t-shirt pop!

T-shirt dress: A re-structured vintage piece

Sunglasses: Gucci


Sort of Androgynous 





It was only after looking back at the shots of this outfit that I noticed it was kind of androgynous. The chunky sandals and the baggy oversized tee gave off that more masculine vibe, but both were dolled up with pearls and lace.  I’ve never been super girly girl or tomboy, so I find mixing the two in quite loud ways is definitely something I like doing.

Dress: Handmade at a market (“somewhere” that my mum can’t remember)

Shoes: Zara (from a few years ago)

Sunglasses: Chanel


The Human Rainbow




My mum really dropped herself in it with this one, it’s quite clear that if she purchased anything rainbowesque and let me anywhere near it, immediately it would become mine. It makes me hugely happy to wear several colours all at once, plus this look is mega maximalist which you all know i’m a super fan of! Some would say that just having a rainbow skirt was enough, but for me the matching clutch just tops it off, the whole thing just gets me soo excited for summer!!

T-Shirt: Gucci 

Skirt: Custom made just for my very sassy Mama

Handbag: Vintage store, Notting Hill

Trainers: Gucci 

Bracelets: Hermes 

Sunglasses/Earrings: You guessed it…another market find!