Street Style

Last month I took YGSF TV to Dubai…FINALLY!!  Whilst I was out there I caught up with fashion-travel blogger, Instagram influencer and agony aunt, Eugenia Polyakov. We sat down at the Harpers Bazaar Cafe and chatted about what it was like to be one of Russia’s first bloggers, the possible death of fashion magazines and the tougher parts of living your life on Instagram. Afterwards Eugenia took me to one of her favourite concept stores, The Cartel, and gave me my very own personal styling session…which is pretty brave for me seeing as I don’t normally like putting my fashion fate in the hands of others!



You can watch the full interview above and find out a little more about the looks Eugenia picked out for me below!






Cigarettes and Pyjamas 

Pyjama Suit: Posearazzi

Sunglasses: Henrik Vibskov 

Cage Bag: The Cartel 

I’m a huge fan of a pyjama suit, i’ve got quite a collection in my wardrobe! They’re super soft and make you feel real comfortable which is always important when picking an outfit. What I really like about this suit is how stripped back it is in contrast to all my mega whacky PJ suits! Keeping it basic means you can go a bit more wild on the accessories, the sunglasses in particular are example of just that. I mean, sunglasses made of matches…pretty freakin’ DOPE, right?? I chose to dress the suit down with trainers for a more chilled/urban look, but equally a pair of heels would work if you wanted to go for a dressy-elegant thang!




















The Trench Dress

Dress: Anne Sofie Madsen 

Bum Bag: MM6

This look is a perfect example of why I should let people style me from time to time. This outfit is something I would pretty much never pick out for myself, it’s so far from the maximalist rainbows but I really really like it! It’s an example of thinking outside of the box, turning a trench coat into a dress in a super chic yet street way. I love the dramatic sleeves and use of the bum bag to give the dress a little more shape. Surprisingly I quite enjoyed being in all beige for once, when the design is so distinctive it doesn’t really matter about the colour!

It was pretty refreshing to put my wardrobe choices into the hands of someone else, as much as I love coming up with different looks for myself it can be quite draining at times! Eugenia stuck to more basic colours but ensured that the actual shape of the clothing was quirky and dressed up with funky accessories. It was a lot of fun chatting with Eugenia and going into her world, and it’s safe to say i’ve learnt something from her style tips, which i’ll definitely be taking on board in the future!