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This London Fashion Week Jeff Garner collaborated with the up-and-coming designers at UCA (University for Creative Arts), to produce the ‘Dusk till Dawn’ intimates collection, which launched at an exclusive fashion show at the University on Monday.

Jeff Garner is an unconventional artist, who has produced an eco label, Prophetik, which works with sustainable materials, as well as all-natural plant and earth-based dyes such as, black walnut, logwood, and indigo. The Prophetik label aims to draw attention to the harmful effects of the many synthetic fabrics and dyes that we wear everyday, and show how there are alternative, eco-friendly ways of producing beautiful clothing. The Jeff Garner x UCA collection worked with colour palettes of Kelly green, coral, ivory, indigo, pale yellow and sea foam, to produce a selection of intimate underwear, as well as more formal dresses, and suits for men. The collection was an extremely unusual one, taking the audience back to medieval times, and throwing a bit of West Country in there; opening with straw hats and lacy underwear, and closing with cravats and earthy coloured floor length dresses, which were complimented by the green grass catwalk.

 The collection certainly took the audience back in time to their old history lessons studying Henry VIII, and opened our eyes to how fashion can be eco-friendly!