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At the end of last month my mum and I took ourselves to Ibiza, for some much needed quality time and some much needed detoxing/recharging of batteries. Detoxing and recharging of batteries…in Ibiza? ARE YOU MAD?!?! Is what you’re all probably thinking, but Ibiza is actually a super healthy place to be, with a really magical energy if you keep away from foam parties and Pacha. We booked onto The Bodycamp Ibiza for a week of plant based foods, non-stop exercise and mindfulness work. It was a brilliant experience not just because I felt mentally and physically lighter at the end of it, but also because I met some awesome people (which I never imagined I would) and learned a lot! I want to share my experience and all that I picked up from my time at The Bodycamp, kickstarting with some mega useful foodie tips I learnt out there!



  • Drinking water is hugely important. It’s a very basic thing that not enough people do enough of, it’s important for flushing out all the toxins and making you feel less bloated and puffy. I usually drink 2 litres a day, but after my time in Ibiza i’m upping it to 3!
  • 3 meals a day will not make you put on weight! Eating more than I usually would at The Bodycamp made me feel certain i’d put on weight. In fact, it did the opposite! Eating regularly actually speeds up your metabolism, just make sure you control your portion sizes and eat as much plant based/natural foods as possible.
  • Avoid sugar, especially processed sugar. You can have non-refined sugars, for example, raw honey, coconut sugar, fruit etc… However, don’t go overboard with this, especially the fruit. Some people think having loads of fruit is a healthy way to be, but there’s still a lot of sugar in them, so try not to over do it.



  • Earn your treats! It’s okay to have treats as long as you make sure you’re doing enough exercise to deserve them. In Ibiza we’d eat 5 times a day, 2 of which were small plant based treats i.e. protein balls, peanut butter oat cakes, hummus etc… We’d always have done some form of exercise right before having a treat…it tastes even better that way!
  • Drink a cup of hot water with lemon slices first thing in the morning. It’s great for digestion, flushing out all the toxins from your body. It’s also good for clearing skin and boosting your energy, which is why it’s a smart idea to have it in the morning!
  • Small plates=small portions. Portion sizing is so so important, so use smaller plates to ensure you don’t overeat. It’s better to have a larger breakfast and a smaller dinner with low carbs and plenty of veg. Going to bed on a mega full tummy makes food much harder to digest and does lead to weight gain.



  • The more home made the better! I always found that things like porridge and granola made me bloat. However, at The Bodycamp everything was home made, only with natural ingredients and non-processed sugar. I felt a real difference because of this, not once did I feel bloated, heavy or sluggish.
  • Every time you eat something, ask yourself, why am I eating this? If it’s because you’re bored, stressed, tired etc… then you probably don’t need it and are just eating for the sake of it! Asking yourself this question is a great way to cut down on snacking on things you’re not even hungry for.
  • Don’t be extreme. Controlled portions, plenty of water/herbal tea, plant based food, and exercise etc… is super great for your body and will keep you in great shape. BUT allow yourself time off, a cheat meal, a few beviess, a couple of days off exercise a week… If you don’t give yourself leeway you’ll just go insane!


I hope you’ve found all of this info useful in some way, it’s a good basic guide to altering your foodie patterns in a healthy way that will help you feel and look good! However, if you’ve already got techniques and a routine that works for you then stick with it…i’d love for you guys to also share your knowledge with me, as i’m definitely still learning!

Much love,

Talina xoxo