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I recently wrote about the 21st centuries most common addiction, the mobile phone. I think we probably spend more time with our mobile phones than with do with our partners, families and friends…they’re essentially pocket sized boyfriends/girlfriends. It’s safe to say this relationship can be a pretty unhealthy one, particularly when it comes to overuse of social media which more times than not can leave us feeling a bit down, anxious or stressed out! If you’re on my wavelength with this one, or just want to try having a phone detox, then i’ve got a list of suggestions which may help you break free from the addiction, and leave you feeling liberated and clear headed.


  1. Set aside a certain amount of time each day to check social media/answer emails. This  gives you structure so you’re not aimlessly scrolling throughout the day.
  2. Have a no phone rule during meal times and make sure if you’re eating with someone else they also stick to it too. This allows you to actually be present, enjoy your food and company.
  3. Give yourself a cut off time to stop using your phone in the evenings. I’d say at least an hour before bed put the bugger away, this’ll give your brain time to relax and wind down so you can sleep easy.
  4. Do more activities  without your phone i.e. go for a walk, sit in the park and read, go to a yoga class, paint etc…
  5. If you get a chance where you don’t need to be on your phone i.e. on holiday, see if you can be brave and do a full mobile phone detox. Even if it’s just for a few days it’ll feel refreshing and liberating.
  6. Go to the cinema more often…you literally cannot use your phone in the cinema or you’ll get death stares from everyone around you.
  7. Make the effort to make an effort with other people more often, be sociable with friends/family in person rather than on WhatsApp.
  8. If you run out of data on your phone for a period of time/don’t have WiFi, don’t do anything about it. Take it as a sign that you need a break
  9. If you’re feeling really sick of the bloody thing then chuck it in the toilet, or get a Nokia brick that pretty much does nothing. However, be warned if you do this you may get addicted to the old school Snake game!


Breaking up with your mobile phone is probably going to be quite a challenging task, but the more you make the effort to part with it the more you’ll realise just how reliant you were on it. Even if you don’t think your mobile phone is an addiction for you, try some of the above techniques and you’ll notice how much more present and mentally lighter you feel!