This week is #woolweek, kind of bizzaree to have an entire week dedicated to wool, but we have an entire day dedicated to mothers and fathers so why not?! To celebrate the week YGSF were invited to the opening of the worlds first Wool BnBit’s safe to say it was a pretty ewe-nique experience (apologies for the cheesy play on words!)



In this Wool home, created by Campaign for Wool, pretty much everything is made from wool. This includes, clothing, interiors and boxes of Cornflakes. Turns out wool is way more tasty than we thought! To give you some insight into what the heck we’re chatting about, here’s what you can expect from the Wool BnB:



Warmth: Why are sheep so snug and always radiating #positivevibes ? Because wool adapts to its user and environment, it can keep you warm or cool you down. This means that when staying at the BnB you won’t have to master the talent of using the really complicated high-tech air-con systems.



(Herman Miller)

Original: I think it’s safe to say nobody has ever heard of a Wool BnB before. It’s completely random and bonkers, which is why it’s so great!


(Jacqui Fink)



(“Full English Breakfast”-Jessica Dance)

Oozing creativity: The BnB is a hub of creative talents including fashion designers and artists. In the Wool-kin wardrobe the versatility of wool is shown through the collections of various designers. In here you’ll find Adidas, M&S, Sibling, Paul Smith and quite a few more. Turns out sheep have been the masterminds behind fashion design this whole time! You’ll also come across pieces of artwork by the likes of Herman Miller, Yessica Wheeler and Jessica Dance (my favourite wooly “Full English Breakfast”).



Loud: What really drew me in was the the crazy rainbow of colours used throughout the BnB. Every room was completely different with splashes of artwork covering the walls and furniture…all made of wool of course! This is YGSF’s example of heaven, warmth, comfort and colour, oh and sheep of course because we can’t forget those 3 years we spent in Cardiff!



The Wool BnB has all the characteristics of a typical  English country home with a twist. The twist being it’s in the middle of London and has lots of colourful sheep bouncing around! The BnB is a pop up and will only be open till November, so ewe really should go check it out and splash out on a night of woolly bliss…don’t be a sheepskate!