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Whether you’re into star signs or not, if you’re born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you’re a Leo…btw. The Lion, one of the most fiery, ambitious, and creative star signs…basically goddamn awesome! I’m a Leo myself so obviously i’m majorly biased, that being said life as a Leo can be pretty hard work, especially when it comes to all the emotional shizz and deep thinking that comes with it. I’m a huge believer in star signs, maybe because I identify so much with mine, but if you’re not 100% sold then here’s 11 signs that most probably will prove to you that you’re a Lion inside out!


  1. You find it impossible to wear block colours…eccentric clothing is usually a must!
  2. You check your star sign almost everyday, because you are SO Leo you take everything written about a Leo to be gospel.
  3. You’re an absolute extremist either working out twice a day and living off hot water and lemon, or dancing on tables and drowning yourself in vino and ice cream cake!
  4. You’re a sun worshipper.
  5. You do not have the patience of a saint…
  6. You’re skilled in going from ecstatically content and happy, to sobbing in a public toilet and questioning what you’re doing with your life??
  7. Passionate would be one of the perfect ways of describing yourself, especially when it comes to what and who you love!
  8. Whether you like it or not you’re a drama queen and most probably were born to be some kind of entertainer…if you’re not doing that then i’d suggest reconsidering your career path (no pressure…)
  9. Acting before thinking is a frequent habit of yours.
  10. You feel extremely deeply and although an actor/tress, are incapable of hiding your emotions.
  11. You can often go into your head with deep/over thinking, but at the same time you’re a real extrovert! 


After reading this i’m sure you can’t deny it, you’re Leo to the core. Embrace it, feel lots, create lots, and love life lots because you’re freaking awesome…HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO CREW!!!