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Mental health has become an ever-growing part of my life and has been especially prominent the past 15 months. This is not just because of personal reasons, but also because finally the conversation on mental health is becoming an open one; we are no longer afraid to speak up, share, and ask for help. A lot of this is to down to platforms like #HalfTheStory a global non-profit media platform, encouraging mental health focused conversations on social media. Founded by mental health advocate and entrepreneur, Larissa May, in Brooklyn. Larissa is using her platform to encourage us to tell the other half of our story behind that apparently perfect Instagram filter.

This NYC episode saw me venture across the bridge to Williamsburg,  a cute & funky area in Brooklyn, to visit Larissa in her cosy home and learn about the story behind #HalfTheStory. As well as chatting tips about creating boundaries and taking care of your mind!



Larissa’s creation of this amazing platform came from a truly personal place, starting out of her college dorm room at the height of one of the toughest and lowest points of her life. It is this that makes #HalfTheStory truly authentic, the stories are real, the people are real and that is super refreshing!