Street Style

If you didn’t already know (which you should if you’ve watched last months episode), i’ve been hanging out with Leila Bartell. The Middle Eastern-European creative force making her hugely unique mark on the film and art industries. The first episode of YGSF TV X Leila Bartell delved into Leila’s life in film making, in part 2 we enter into the Bartell world of abstract art, whilst also talking heritage and touching on personal style.


“When you pick up everything, you’re sort of almost like you’re nothing.”- Leila Bartell 


In this episode Leila gives YGSF TV an exclusive on a new series of paintings she’s currently working on, which focus on the concept of perpetual reality; the existence of two worlds. We also touch on heritage; the impact her multi-cultural background has on all aspects of her life, and how she associates with being a melting pot, not relating to any particular nationality or culture. For me, it’s this that makes Leila so dynamic and unusual in the absolute best way!



I loved filming with Leila, she’s an utterly captivating individual and I can’t wait to see what she does next. In the mean time get fixated on this ep, and let the Bartell bug grow!