After finishing off my first feature film in the Western Australian desert, I decided to hop over to the other side of the country to check out Melbourne, i’ve been told numerous times that the city is very “me”, and that’s completely accurate. I really loved spending time discovering both Melbourne’s city centre and eclectic suburbs, I came across some awesome street art, quirky little alleyways (or laneways), and a hella lotta vintage. SO, for anyone tempted by this city here are a selection of things you can do out there that’ll most probably make you take the plunge…




(Roy Lichtenstein, Drowning Girl, MoMA at NGV)


The National Gallery Victoria, located super central on St.Kilda road in the CBD. There’s a bunch of art exhibitions running constantly, but i’d say the best one right now is MoMA at the NGV (showing until October 7th.) The exhibition is filled with exclusive pieces from The Museum of Modern Art, New York, spanning over 130 years. For me, the best part was the Pop Art section. I’m a huge fan of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, both of whose works were shown there.


(ACMI, Wonderland)



The ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image.) I went there especially to see the Wonderland exhibition, which explores the journey of the Alice in Wonderland tale from 1903 to now. It was a crazy cool concept and a truly immersive experience, from walking through tiny doors just like in the story, to going into this crazy mad hatters tea party where you could literally go into Wonderland through plates and teapots. It really is as bonkers as it sounds… The exhibition is also in the CBD and is showing until October 7th.


(Street art, Hosier Lane)


The Laneways, aka the tiny little winding roads located all around the city centre. They’re crammed with indie coffee shops, brunch spots, and a random collection of shops where you can buy quirky jewellery and vintage clothing. I’d recommend Centre Place if you want a bit of a historical Harry Potter Vibe, or Hosier Lane if you want to look at a heck of a lot of colourful graffiti, and check out some of the street artists in action.





The Southbank. Start off in the CBD and walk along Yarra River, there’s loads of funky bars and restaurants which are great for sunshine drinks in the afternoon. You can literally walk for ages and feel completely at peace, which is great if you need a bit of a breather from the city.


Spend all your money…

The Melbourne suburbs nearest to the city are best for this. I’d advise scoping out the following places:


(A building I quite liked in Fitzroy)


Fitzrory, used to be a slum, now is one of the quirkiest places i’ve been to with huge amounts of culture and the most random buildings. I guess it would be London’s equivalent to Hackney, or Shoreditch (4 years ago.) Go to…

  • Brunswick Street, it’s the best for vintage clothing, crazy cool jewellery (especially earrings) and accessories. If you’re going there make sure you give yourself plenty of time…it’s a looonnggg street, and there’s A LOT to tempt your wallets.
  • Smith Street is another great spot, not quite as much there as Brunswick St, but still worth exploring. If you’re going to go anywhere i’d say go to Vintage Garage.



Prahran is a slightly more chic/upmarket suburb than Fitzroy, but still there are some awesome stores along Chapel Street. My fave was SHAG, it’s as bold and brash as its name, and The Chapel St. Bazaar which is an indoor market full of all sorts of eclectic bits n’ bobs.

Melbourne is a freaking great city with culture, edginess and a really inspirational vibe! Up next i’ll be sharing with you a bunch of places I found to satisfy my forever grumbling stomach whilst out there!