For someone who adores food, is obsessed with Googling menus, and is mega specific when it comes to what I like to eat. It’s a pretty big deal when I say that Melbourne is hands down the best food city i’ve been to, especially when it comes to wellness eating. Maybe it’s because I have an unhealthy obsession with acai bowls, anything to do with avocados/coffee, and eccentrically colourful smoothies…all of which are dotted along every street in Melbourne. Regardless, i’ve never been to a place where such great quality, feel good food (for both your body and mind) is so readily available. In my time there I aimed to try out as many food joints as possible, here are a list of the ones that really did it for me!



Starting off with the acai bowl, which I pretty much crave every day, i’d say Tropicana is the one to check out. Their speciality is the acai bowl, so as you can expect the quality is pretty damn good- if I were you i’d go for the standard bowl and add peanut butter. There’s a couple of Tropicana stores dotted around the city on both Swanston and Elizabeth Street, so they’re super accessible!




For smoothies, falafel and basically all the divine plant based things, try Laneway Greens. If you want something sweet i’d go for the Natural Peanut Butter & Raw Cacao smoothie, for something more substantial and savoury try the Falafel Bowl. For someone like me who is a sucker for all vegan and veggie foods, the extensive menu was literally the DREAM!



If you find the whole smoothie thing pretty “basic” and a bit of a novelty then try Super Fluid. It’s a juice bar & cafe on LSD, think electric blue smoothies, glitter everything and trippy chia pudding! This place was by far the most psychedelic juice bar i’ve ever been to, and their Instagram is like an acid house rave…but a really healthy one!

Not necessarily in line with the whole plant based or food thing, but still very essential…Gin. Gin Palace right in the city centre is a vintage style speakeasy, with a very cosy “lounge” vibe, a bath tub and really freakin’ good cashews. NOTE: if you aren’t a gin fan don’t worry, there’s other dranks on the cards, including a mean espresso martini.



For coffee you can pretty much hit up anywhere in Melbourne, it is the coffee capital of the world! However, if you want specific recommendations i’d say an almond milk flat white at the Cake Shop in the QT hotel, or Brother Baba Budan for an almond milk capp. The latter has mega cool interiors with a ceiling covered in chairs, which for me was a major selling point.



The Fitzroy suburb was by far my favourite spot for restaurants and bars, you just need to  walk around Brunswick or Smith street and you can find all sorts of  yummy places all with a very unique vibe. It’s what I loved about Melbourne in general, there were pretty much no chain restaurants. If you want to venture out a little further then head to Turning Point Cafe in Ripponlea. The food is presented beautifully and the french toast is BANGIN’!



For semi-civilised dinner activities in the city pop into ChinChin. With a South East Asian menu, art exhibitions and old movie projections covering the walls, you’re guaranteed a funky fly night. I’d recommend trying the pumpkin, grilled tofu & eggplant yellow curry, and pretty much any of the cocktails!

Unfortunately for me and anyone whose experienced the #foodporn that is Melbourne, no other city will ever compare…so now I may as well go sit on my phone staring at pictures of the food I ate out there, whilst crying into my under ripened avocado. HAVE A WONDERFUL EVENING ALL!!