Milgi: Cardiff’s very own magical land of celery sticks and almond milk

For those of you who didn’t know, Cardiff isn’t the best place to attempt to be healthy, I’ve spent two years of my university life attempting to search out a decent juice bar (because everyone knows juicing in a student house just doesn’t happen). Finally in my third year my housemates revealed to me Milgi, a magical land where almond milk isn’t just a myth and celery actually tastes of something…as opposed to nothing. It CHANGED MY LIFE (well sort of, it’d be a bit depressing if vegetables and non-dairy products had the ability to substantially alter my life).

Milgi is a 100% vegetarian restaurant/café tucked away in Cardiff’s student area, Cathays. It’s the perfect hot spot for lovers of all things green, or those of you who are feeling slightly dare-devilish and want to try out some veggie specialties. Having been to Milgi at least twice a week (yes, I am obsessed) since I discovered it, I can confidently say I’m pretty experienced when it comes to the menu, some of my favourite veggie treats include:

• A healthy take on beans on toast – because every student needs a good amount of baked beans in their diet to get through those hangover days – home made baked beans with grilled halloumi, on rye bread.

• A seasonal delicacy: The Autumn Platter, which, for those of you who can’t get enough falafel and sweet potatoey goodness, is a must.

• The chickpea and sesame burger (I’m ashamed to admit I’ve not tried this one, but the speed at which my friend gobbled it down I’m pretty sure its good).

• A slice of vegan coconut cake: a naughty but not-so-naughty treat.

• Finally, if you’re feeling like spicing up your day a little then try one of their killer Bloody Marys, accompanied by a generous helping of celery (gotta love the greens).

This cosy little vegetarian heaven with its snug sofas and twinkly fairy lights, is the ideal spot to chill out and catch-up on some reading, or meet up with friends for a guilt-free meal and a ginger mojito (which is just the BEST), before continuing into the evening for a cheeky night out on the town.

Next time you’re in the area get yourself down to Milgi, fall in love with some vegetables and then end up like me…utterly obsessed and unable to leave.