After spending almost 2 months in New York City last year, i’ve come to realise that it’s one of the most badass cities in the world!! The energy and creativity is incredible, and there is so much to discover…however, you may miss out on this if you end up doing all the “typical touristy” things. To ensure you don’t do that, I want to share with you a little sprinkle of my time in the city, with my list of “things to do” that you may or may not already know about. Think Andy Warhol exhibitions, lonely dinners, hot yoga & house parties in the Lower East Side…




Warhol @ The Whitney

I have Warhol socks, a sticker of Andy on my phone, x2 Warhol t-shirts, my 21st Birthday was Pop-Art themed etc…basically, i’m obsessed with Andy. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the top of my New York “things to do” list is to check out the Warhol “From A To B And Back Again” exhibition at The Whitney Museum of American Art. It’s honestly mind blowing to see so much of his incredible work in one space. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time, you’ll for sure get completely immersed in it!




Everywhere in general, the best thing to do in NYC is walk, it’s how you discover new places and hidden gems. I’d strongly recommend walking across Williamsburg Bridge, it’s got a dope urban feel and is great for taking street style photos! Brooklyn Bridge is obviously a must as well, but walk it at night. It’s way more beautiful and way less crowded.

Do a hot yoga class…

At Fierce Grace, the most intense and highly cleansing class in the city. I’d advise doing the 90 minute class to get the most out of it.



Go to a house party in the Lower East Side!

The studio apartments in the LES are crazy cool, and have the best rooftops. If you get the chance to party in one of them, I guarantee it’ll be one of the best nights you have!


Pretty Woman at the theatre, and go to the cinema on your own. The latter is worth doing just to experience what a New York cinema is like (mega old school), the former is such a pleasant surprise. I was expecting Pretty Woman to be pretty average. However it was fkin’ great and my dad didn’t fall asleep whilst watching it, which is really saying something!



Visit the Guggenheim Gallery

The gallery itself is a pretty mesmerizing space to be in and there are some awesome works on show!

Bar hop on Orchard St. and Ludlow St. 

By far my two favourite streets in the city. Ludlow and Orchard are great to check out in general for their galleries, vintage shops, restaurants and bars. Whilst on your bar crawl around the Lower East Side, you have to pop into Bar 169. It’s so vibey and there are so many awesome friendly locals that go there continuously!

Go out for dinner alone…

New York is one of those places where you can take yourself out on a dinner date and not feel awkward. It’s a super independent city, so embrace that and enjoy some “me” time!

Talking of food…

Indulge in some carbs at any of the restaurants in Little Italy, and be sure to get your fill of Mexican food…NYC is the best for it!

Loose your Soul Cycle virginity!

It’s the most basic New York thing, but the classes are pretty amazing and will 100% make you feel great!

If you take my advice and avoid the classic tourist traps, you’ll get to see New York for the vibey city it really is!