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It’s September, and the time where everyone feels a bit “meh” that summer is over, it’s also the time when the urge to detox kicks in! A little while ago I wrote about the do’s and don’ts of a good detox, which is a great starter if you’re on that vibe. As well as exercise, food intake and mindfulness work, you can really get the most out of a detox by trying out non-invasive body treatments, which will help you maintain a body shape that you feel great in! There are so many treatments that you can try, but it can often be as toss up as to whether or not they’re actually effective. Over the years i’ve tried out a bunch of them and sussed out what really works…here’s my top 3!

Hypoxi is a treatment which combines exercise with body shaping. It’s basically a 30 minute workout in which you get on a bike or a treadmill whilst in a pressure machine/suit. Whilst you cycle/walk the  machine uses a vacuum and compression technique to burn specific areas of fat. As well as breaking down the fat there and then, it also enhances natural fat burning in the future and is great for preventing bloating. It’s good to try and do 2 or 3 sessions per week over the course of a month in order to see real results, and real loss of inches. After Hypoxi sessions you shouldn’t eat for 2 hours and should avoid carbs and alcohol. This helps to maximise the amount your body metabolises during sessions. Hypoxi is a great option if you want to exercise whilst also undergoing a fat burning treatment!

Thermojet is also another method to help speed up your metabolism, help you lose inches and get a leaner physique. Thermojet works in a different way to Hypoxi as it involves using infrared waves to increase body temperature and penetrate the fat layers. The treatment lasts around 90 minutes and involves the following steps:

  • Your body is covered in a firming gel to maintain skin elasticity.
  • Then you are wrapped in cling film, which keeps the gel in place and also ensures your body gets as sweaty as possible (as gross as it sounds!)
  • You then lie down and are wrapped in hot infrared pads which heat up increasingly as the treatment goes on causing you to sweat a sh** tonne.
  • After the treatment is finished there is then a 20 minute massage to assist blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • You also get measured before and after so you can manage your loss in inches.

The treatment encourages thermolipolysis; the fat burning process which is created by an increased metabolic rate, targeting the deep fat layers. This causes the fats to breakdown into a more liquid form, getting rid of bodily water, toxins, and fat when you perspire. I love this treatment because you see immediate results in the loss of inches all over, and you’re getting rid of all the nasty toxins- which I find is really needed after a lot of travelling. You also continue to lose more inches in the days after the treatment as the fat cells are still dissolving!

Endermologie is a very different kind of treatment, it’s not there to burn fat and cause weight loss, rather to tone up the body and reduce cellulite. It’s essentially non-surgical liposuction; rollers are applied to the skin and used to massage areas of the body at high intensity boosting lymphatic drainage and stimulating the bodies circulation. Like Thermojet, it helps prevent the build up of fluids and toxins in the body. The great thing about this treatment is that you can focus on really specific areas to help contour your body the way you want. Endermologie is great to have after Thermojet to help tighten everything up after the weight loss.

As with anything, these treatments aren’t one offs. What I really like about them is that you can see results immediately, but you should do a course of treatments to see real, long lasting effects! You also shouldn’t expect that these body treatments alone will be enough to detox and achieve your ideal physique, exercise and making sure you’re putting the right things into your body is also very important. You can read up more on my other tips for a good detox here! 

For those keen to try out the treatments i’d recommend going to The Slim Bodyline Clinic in central London for Thermojet and Endermologie, and Hypoxi Knightsbridge for Hypoxi…obvs!