Street Style

THIS ARTICLE IS COMING TO YOU FROM NYC BABAAYYY… however because i’m missing my lil’ London world, I thought it only right to share with you some Ladbroke Grove  (LBG) looks. In other words, 3 different outfits I took for a stroll around Notting Hill just before I came a took a bite of the big red apple (which i’m still munching on btw.) Notting Hill (specifically LBG) for me, is one of the most inspiring areas in London when it comes to making “outside of the box” decisions on your street style looks. It’s very eclectic, and pretty much anything goes so you never have to worry if your outfit is too avant garde or too simple!


Punk X Fiorucci

















(Trousers: Fiorucci, Boots: Whistles, Jacket: custom made, Sunglasses: Off White X Warby Parker.) 


One of my (many) faults is that I have a phobia of repeat wearing. Sure, i’ll wear things I love again and again…but I tend to avoid the same combos. HOWEVER Fiorucci  trousers X Whistles boots is something I regularly can’t say no to, they create the best kind of punk vibe.  These trousers are a proper investment, the shape is awesome, they go with pretty much everything AND they’re corduroy…which is perfect for when you get sick of leather or denim. For me it’s mega important to also have loud pieces in my wardrobe which are great quality and I can constantly wear with maximum impact, this is where the boots and leather J come in! Mixing the staple pieces with the wild ones is the best way to build your wardrobe, and ensure you always have something to wear.

P.s. Fiorucci is the absolute BOMB for everything, so if you haven’t already you should check out this come back brand!


The Portobello Rd. Rainbow




(Entire look purchased from vintage stores/markets.)


Apparently human beings are very receptive to their surroundings, this look is a prime example of why i’m a real Notting Hill baby. My area is famous for its rainbowness (yep, I just made that word up.) It’s packed with graffiti and colourful houses, so naturally my love for all things whacky and multi-coloured becomes accentuated. Rainbows are a major thing for me, i’m obsessed. Not only because they’re awesome to look at, but also because when you wear happy clothes you feel way perkier…trust me!


The Ultimate Stop Sign




(Trousers: Jaded LDN, Jacket: vintage, Boots: Machine-A, Sunglasses: Off White X Warby Parker.)


Anyone who knows me/has stalked the YGSF Insta, will know that I often accidentally coordinate with my surroundings. This is another example of this…I didn’t realise until I was stood in front of it, that I was dressed as a STOP sign! The STOP sign is my favourite look of the three, because it’s a combo i’ve never tried before and it was chucked together in about 2 minutes…the spontaneous ones are often the best! This vintage 80’s jacket is a timeless piece that will forever be a statement, the trousers are just as in your face but are more “night out” than “chic dinner in Paris.” The two together could be a train wreck, but their equal levels of bold work a treat. A lot of the time, too much is just what you need!

My advice to you is to adopt the Ladbroke Grove attitude, be eccentric if you want & don’t if you don’t. Do what you want and wear what you want…your clothes are an extension of your personality and you’re fabulous, so rock it!