Camden is one of the most eclectic places in London, I mean it’s where I go to get feathers put in my hair,  eat cereal and to do my weekly acting training! Whether you’ve had the pleasure of exploring Camden or not, one thing you absolutely MUST do is visit the Stables Markets. For some it’s a tourist trap, but we’re going to take you around the maze- YGSF style- and show you exactly what spots are worth visiting!



Where to discover new brands/designers?

Fashion Meets Music, located in Unit 57- The Stables. This place is essentially a hub for emerging talent. Aspiring designers are able to go and use the in-house workshop, create their collections AND sell them in the store! They also host fashion shows and live music nights…it’s a space for creatives to create.

Brands worth checking out?

  • Sultan Kaki  for customised jackets featuring animals with wigs…
  • Bwoywonder aka king of the Lego mask.
  • The beauty counter, just because why not?

For colourful foods?

Cereal Killer Cafe, Mezz 2.

  • What to order? A medium bowl of Fruit Loops and chocolate Krave with almond milk, cream and Reese’s peanut butter cups on top. Apparently anything with cream on top is good.
  • Where to sit? In the beds…obviously. It’ all about breakfast in bed (even if it is 6pm on a Thursday evening.) Note: pick the Power Puff Girl duvet.
  • How to get freebies? Talk to the staff about their love-hate relationship with American cereal and Netflix.
  • What freebie to get? The made up concoction of mint hot chocolate, whipped cream and mint sauce, topped off with mint chocolate balls.

If you’re looking for vintage, there’s a lot. So let’s narrow it down:

  • What Goes Around Comes Around, Mezz 3. Conveniently this is right next to Cereal Killer.
  • St Cyr Vintage, Arch 57- The Stables. P.s. this one is named after a burlesque dancer…it’s super sexy.