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Hellooo lovelies, me again!

I hope you’ve enjoyed that past few episodes of the new YGSF TV series, and I hope you feel you’ve  taken something from them. So far i’ve taken you into Heathrow Gymnastics Club to meet the mega flexi gymnast, Danusia Francis, and then I popped you on a plane to Dubai to catch up with one of Russia’s very first fashion bloggers, Eugenia Polyakova. I can’t wait for you to meet the rest of the YGSF creative gang, but before that I want to bring you back to my story and continue to share with you my experience when it comes riding the waves of the super rocky body dysmorphia sea (excuse the obvious metaphor.) This brings me to my second “confessional” video, taking you guys right back to where my unhealthy relationship with food really started…



I really truly hope this video can shed some light on how complicated and blurry the whole thing can be. For myself and many others it’s super hard to know exactly what the trigger is, it can feel like obsessing about what you’re eating and how much you’re eating is something you’ve done forever. It’s a habit that you just sort of get used to. This can often be a very draining feeling, but I want to remind you that you’re not alone and there are other people out there who really do get it!

I would also like to stress that although body dysmorphia and eating disorders do often go hand in hand, with one usually triggering the other, they are separate entities. I frequently refer to my relationship with food as an unhealthy one, as i’ve always been very obsessive about what I eat and at one point so controlled that I ate barely anything at all (which you will hear about in this video.) This lead to a form of eating disorder. However, for me this was started because I had a distorted view of how I looked. I saw myself as bigger than I was and would notice negative changes in my body which often weren’t even there. So when I talk about body dysmorphia, this is what i’m personally referring to.

Thank you again for letting me share my story with you and fingers crossed it is helpful in some small way!