So apparently last night was the coldest of the year, which I thoroughly believe seeing as I spent most of my time outdoors repeating through chattering teeth, “I can’t feel my toes” (as if it would help make the situation any better.) The problem I face this time of year is maintaining the maximalism element to my outfits whilst keeping warm. What’s the point in wearing a sassy shirt if you’re going to spend the entire day drowned in a black puffa jacket?! The solution is simple…resort to spicy outerwear!




(Jacket: Ruta, Jeans: Ragged Priest, Sunglasses: Dior, Handbag: Fendi, Earrings: Topshop)

This was particularly relevant for me last Friday when shooting for a very exciting new YGSF project (coming up in January-so keep you eyes peeled.) We were focusing on street style, which obviously involves being on the street where it is brain-freeze cold! Of course I needed to look utterly YGSF whilst avoiding the red nose, so what did I do? I took my own advice and made my look all about outerwear.





This long structured blazer is another from my favourite jacket genies, Ruta. They get it right every time when making outerwear that POPs! This jacket is something i’d wear to fashion week, and doesn’t take much thinking about as you just need to keep your look simple underneath.




The best thing about this piece is the rainbow animal print. I also lurvvv the Moschino-esque feel of it. It shows there are ways of giving off the vibe of your favourite designer, without having to spend to much $$$ and without going down the rubbish fake copy route!