Street Style

Summer is a HOT TOPIC…well not so much in Australia (where i’m currently writing to you from) as it’s coming into their winter, but in most of Europe everyone’s summer shopping list is stacking up! Even though i’m not the most logical thinker,  it makes sense to offer you some seasonal wardrobe assistance…in the form of Talina’s Summer Staples. In other words a list of items that I think are a very good idea to have in mind when constructing your summer wardrobe!

I use the term wardrobe “staples” which would usually imply basic items, but I can assure you these items are not basic. A lot of them were purchased from random places so aren’t so easy to track down, however the point is to inspire you and give you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…here goes!



The Two Piece. For maximum impact wear your two piece together, but you can also mash (potato) it up a bit and divorce the happily married couple. In my opinion, during the warmer months especially, it’s important to go for a two-piece with lots of popping colours, this’ll do a great job of enhancing your tan. I’m also really loving the idea of bringing back the gypsy skirt, it’s boho at its best!



The unicorn body. A Topshop sale buy. An item like this is a good idea to have in your wardrobe for any last minute festivals. At the same time it’s not too in your face, so you can get away with wearing it with a pair of vintage high-waisted denim shorts or jeans, and it’s a good one to pull out on holiday with a fun skirt!



Vintage denim. A pair of good quality, high-waisted vintage shorts are the absolute epitome of a summer wardrobe staple. Guaranteed they will get the most action out of all the items on this list. I’ve got a handful of pairs because I essentially live in them between May and August. My most recent were picked up from an Ibiza market and hand stitched with gold embroidery, they’re BANGIN’!



An elaborate sun hat. Totally necessary and totally unnecessary both at the same time. I find hats very very annoying, but I also really love them. Especially in the summer, a good “in your face” hat can had a whole new dynamic of sass to your look!



The battered Converse. Converse are good for most of the year (except when it’s snowing), but in summer especially I think a messy pair of Converse look great with your denim shorts/skirt and bikini top. Especially in cities my worst nightmare is seeing people walk around in flip-flops…just wear Converse with your summer gear, it roughs up that whole flowery summer vibe a bit!




Something rainbow. Inevitably I wasn’t going to get through this article without mentioning rainbows. I mean I struggle not to mention them on a day to day basis, but this time of year is ideal for going multi-coloured and whacky. My favourite rainbow item at present is this knitted beachy skirt, which is the perfect pairing for any bikini!




The hand painted camo jacket. It ain’t always gunna be mega warm, so it’s important to make the right jacket choices. Camouflage jackets are a good option because they’re pretty light, so you won’t overheat and like the Converse they add a more androgynous dynamic to your outfit. These jackets are always best when sprinkled with a little colourful paint…just a subtle hint that the exclusive YGSF customised camo jackets are still available for purchase…


I hope my summer wardrobe not so staple staples, have done their job in getting you to think in more out of the box ways when compiling summer outfits. It’s definitely important to have a bunch of key pieces that you know you can go to to add a bit of spice to your look!