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‘Ellooo ‘elloo my beautiful human beings! It is indeed a Monday and it is indeed January, two times associated with being productive and making progress, whilst also having a bit of a tough time in the process. This is something very much in line with the next video I want to share with you, the third of my “confessionals” that focus on my experience with body dysmorphia and eating disorders. In confessional three I open up about how I managed to stop myself sinking deeper into my eating disorder , as well as touching on the continuous battle I still have with my relationship with food; how it stops but never stops.

In this video I hope that by sharing my thought process and experiences that lead me to getting “better”, I can provide some kind of guidance and understanding to those of you going through similar things. I also want to stress that there is no cure to an eating disorder or body dysmorphia, it is something that sticks with you forever. However, this is not something you should get down or beat yourself up about, as long as you are making progress in your own way to become your happiest, healthiest self, then you should be proud!



My final confessional video will be coming relatively soon, where I will share with you some tips and activities you can be doing in order to get to where you want to be on this long ass journey. Have the most beautiful day, and hit me up with any questions you may have or any thoughts at all that you would like to share!

So much sparkly sunshine love,

Talina xoxo

P.s. for confessionals one and two, click the numbers!