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A LOT happened in 2018, change has been a prominent theme; I feel for the world in general, and for most people I know on a personal level. The beauty of women has been something that has truly shone this year; with so much creativity, so much strength, and so much support- both women supporting women and more and more men doing so as well. With this in mind I thought it absolutely right that the first episode of YGSF TV 2019 be my interview with Eliza Lawrence, actress, writer, model and founder of,  Was it Good for You, a platform that uses art to talk about sex. Eliza is known for being London’s “sex blogger”…however not in the way that you may instinctually think.

“Sex doesn’t need to be hard to talk about, sometimes we need to hear other peoples stories so that we don’t get scared if ours differ.” -Eliza Lawrence



I sat down with Eliza in her super tranquil London home to learn about the incredibly forward thinking and empowering platform that is Was it Good for You, that aims to abandon the Victorian idea that sex cannot be spoken about,  as well as pick her brains about what it’s like to go to a sex festival and try out a kissing workshop. Eliza also takes us behind the scenes of her life as an actress and model, discussing some of her personal experiences in the #metoo movement, as well as offering advice to aspiring creatives!



What a pleasure it was to spend the day with an individual who is so open minded, head strong, inspiring and creative in so many ways. I really hope you enjoy this episode, and that your eyes have been opened in some way…HAPPY END OF 2018 and START of ’19!!



P.s. watch out for the new addition to YGSF TV…Velma!