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HeyHey my cute little peaches, and welcome to the very last episode in the series of “confessional” videos i’ve been sharing with you; chatting about my experience with an eating disorder. I have spread these videos out over a period of time as I know it can sometimes be difficult to listen to a personal story on what can be a very difficult topic all in one go, however I hope this content has served its purpose. This final confessional is here to offer practical advice to anyone who is going through or has been through difficulties with food; tools, tips and techniques that I have found super useful in my recovery , which I hope you will too!

By no means is the advice I have offered guaranteed to work, but I always find that taking tips from someone whose actually been through similar experiences as you is always the most helpful. My story is my own and I know so many of you sunny humans have yours too, sharing is an important part of helping one another through tough times so if you can do it great and if not that’s okay too! All I ask is that you seek help, don’t shut yourself away and remember this is a process; recovery doesn’t happen overnight, and the demons don’t just disappear when you have a bubble bath and put a face mask on! 



You’re stronger than you know, so keep going you gorgeous butterflies!!

Much love and sunshine,

Talina xoxo

P.s. I hope you feel comfortable enough now having come on my journey with me, to get in touch if you need somebody to talk to- I know how it is and promise to give the truest and most authentic advice possible!