If you’ve been following YGSF on Instagram (which you should if you want to see photos of me dressed a unicorn on a beach), you’ll know that we spent the latter end of October on an island in the Indian Ocean. A place which makes you look like a professional photographer and feel slightly delirious when you wake up in the morning to silky white sands, turquoise sea…and sometimes rain (but very nice rain). I am of course attempting to describe the Maldives!


The Maldives is one of those places that visiting should be something everyone does before kicking the bucket. But just in case you haven’t quite reached that point on the “things I want to do before I die” list, I thought i’d give you a little insight to our trip in the form of “What To’s.”

I’m going to start by breaking my own rule with a Where to stay? 

Each hotel is an island and generally you don’t get off that island so i’d suggest being really picky with wherever you choose to stay. We stayed at the One & Only Reethi Rah, so everything in our list is based on our stay there!

Now, back to the What To’s?

Let’s start with the most important-What to do ?






  • The Maldives is a great place to detox and feel super healthy. Every other day my mum and I did Aerial Yoga classes, which essentially makes you look like you could be in Cirque de Soleil.




  • At the Reethi Rah each villa came with bikes so you could cycle round this island. Cycling through the sand in the morning was one of the most invigorating things, it made you feel like you’d worked for your breakfast.
  • Obviously you should swim, but if you’re going to do lengths do them in the sea. There’s nothing like swimming in the Indian Ocean.

Get Creative:


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  • It’s the kind of place where you can clear your mind, so take advantage and be as creative as possible.
  • Art classes are available everyday, which for me was the dream. I suck at art but I love splashing colours over everything so it was a great way to add a little YGSF energy to the trip. Painting is also pretty therapeutic which is always good.
  • If you’re a writer then write. With a clear mind the ideas will just flow.





  • You must have a massage in the Maldives. The spa huts are dotted along the beach so you can actually hear the sea as opposed to listening to it on a CD. If you can’t decide what to get then pick the Balinese and go for medium pressure.
  • If you’re interested in spirituality you can also work with some of the holistic doctors to really calm your mind. For me this was a godsend, because even when i’m at my most relaxed my mind works at a million miles an hour.

What to wear?

You can literally wear nothing in the Maldives…well not literally but you know what I mean. I’m obsessed with accessorising but I didn’t touch my jewellery draw once. It’s a no makeup, no glamour kind of place. This is really refreshing for someone like myself who always feels they have to  put a lot of energy into what they’re going to wear everyday.




Of course I had to dress like a unicorn at some point, but I left it to the last day when I just couldn’t contain myself any longer!

What to eat?

Breakfast is by far the BEST meal wherever you are in the world. But at the Reethi Rah this is especially true. I became obsessed with the superfood station! My go to was mashed up avo with chia seeds, a sprinkle of quinoa, peanut butter, a drizzle of honey and a handful of nuts.

What not to do?

Check or trust the weather forecast.




There’s just no point in looking, it’s always wrong. You can expect rain and you can expect blazing sun almost everyday. As far as islands go, it’s pretty bipolar.

What you must make time for?


I’m an obsessive reader, I go through books quicker than I go through pairs of sparkly socks (i.e. v V quickly). But living in London on a crazy schedule means that I don’t have time to read for pleasure.




You can’t beat lying on a hammock in paradise with a good book!




Recommended reads: Miss You by Kate Eberlen (lighthearted), and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (gritty.)

I had the most insanely amazing experience whilst out there.  As cliche as it may sound it is heaven on earth and an absolute sanctuary for bonkers unicorns like myself who need to calm their overactive minds. I came back feeling completely revived and in a great headspace!