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This month i’m extremely pleased to welcome the super talented and striking, Notting Hill based film maker and artist, Leila Bartell, to YGSF TV! In this two part series of episodes i’ll be taking you behind the scenes of the hugely creative life that is Bartell’s; understanding her process in developing both a film and piece of art, learning about her journey into film, as well as how she wants to focus on championing women in roles all over the industry!


“film is an art of showing not telling” – Leila Bartell


This episode sees Leila talk film…more specifically her short film Idira, which focuses on the not-overly-talked about topic, modern day slavery. Leila also spills the beans on why she didn’t go down the acting route, and how although she is drawn to darker topics, she would quite like to do something lighter and possibly comedic in the future!



You can watch the full interview with Leila above…I promise you, you’ll be absolutely captivated and inspired by her!

Stay tuned for episode 2, where Leila talks art…